Your iPhone, well protected. McAfee WaveSecure for iOS 4 lets you back up or restore your data securely, as well as enabling you to remotely locate your device.

Download McAfee WaveSecure for your iOS 4 (iPhone only) device.

WaveSecure backs up data on your iOS phone
Keep your personal data safe

Get total peace of mind with McAfee WaveSecure for iOS 4. Save important contacts, photos and videos to a secure server online.

This way you can easily access your vital information with a web browser from anywhere.

WaveSecure restores your mobile data when needed
Restore your data when needed

There is no need to remember cumbersome and cryptic codes. When you need to restore backed up information, simply install McAfee WaveSecure on your new device and choose to restore your data.

You can restore to and from any McAfee WaveSecure supported device!

Track your device

McAfee WaveSecure lets you track the current location of your iPhone and even plot the various locations on the map so you have a good idea where your lost device is.

You can track your iPhone even if GPS is not switched on or not available.

Operating Systems

iOS 4+
Some examples of devices running on iOS 4 are iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. iPad is currently not supported.