You manage your business and personal life with your BlackBerry device. Protect and keep it safe with McAfee WaveSecure.

McAfee WaveSecure safeguards your data and privacy should you lose your device. SIM tracking, remote lock and location tracking help with the recovery of your lost device.

McAfee WaveSecure backs up data on your BlackBerry device
Safeguard your mobile data

Protect against losing critical information if you use your mobile to manage both your business and personal life. Easily backup personal information on your device such as SMS, contacts and call logs securely on McAfee WaveSecure web site. In addition to keeping your data safe, you will be able to access them with a web browser, anytime, anywhere.

Don't lose media such as photos and videos on your mobile. Keep them safe with McAfee WaveSecure for Blackberry.

McAfee WaveSecure restores your mobile data when needed
Restore data with ease

It's important to ensure you have a copy of your data securely backed up elsewhere. This way, you have the option to restore your data should you lose your device. McAfee WaveSecure lets you do that and you can choose the type of information to restore.

McAfee WaveSecure locks and secures your BlackBerry device
Protect your BlackBerry

McAfee WaveSecure silently guards your BlackBerry in the background. Once a new SIM card is inserted, it locks your device and renders it inoperable to the thief. This way, it prevents access to your mobile data or unauthorized use of the device.

The lock screen prompts the finder to return the device and you can sound off an alarm to warn the thief. All these work to increase the chances of recovering your smart phone.

McAfee WaveSecure wipes data on your BlackBerry device remotely
Keep tabs on your device

Your buddy gets a notification when someone misuses your BlackBerry. With a mobile number at hand, you will be able to contact the person to return your device. Don't worry if you can't reach your buddy. Just login to McAfee WaveSecure to see the current SIM being used in your device.

Aside from tracking the SIM, find out the current location of the device easily.

McAfee WaveSecure tracks and locates your BlackBerry remotely
Erase your data for privacy

Don't let sensitive data fall into the wrong hands. If you fail to recover your device, protect your privacy by deleting sensitive mobile data. Simply go to your McAfee WaveSecure account online and send a remote wipe request to your BlackBerry. This removes all personal data on the device including those on your memory card.

Operating Systems

RIM BlackBerry OS 4.2
RIM BlackBerry OS 4.3
RIM BlackBerry OS 4.4
RIM BlackBerry OS 4.5
RIM BlackBerry OS 4.6
RIM BlackBerry OS 4.7
RIM BlackBerry OS 5.x
RIM BlackBerry OS 6.0
Examples of smartphones running on RIM BlackBerry operating system include BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Tour.
Device Storage
Binary size: Approx. 400 kB

Does McAfee WaveSecure run on my BlackBerry device?

McAfee WaveSecure runs on major mobile device platforms including Google Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile. If you don't have a smartphone, McAfee WaveSecure Backup is available for devices that run Java.

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