Get McAfee WaveSecure from

McAfee WaveSecure runs on Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile If you don't have a smartphone, McAfee WaveSecure Backup is available for device that run Java

To get McAfee WaveSecure or McAfee WaveSecure Backup directly on your device, just visit using your device's browser.

If you are not sure, follow these simple steps.

Open your browser

Step1: On your mobile device, locate and launch the web browser. Make sure you have an Internet connection established.

Go to

Step2: Type in in the address bar to access the McAfee WaveSecure mobile site.

Model Auto Detect

Step3: The McAfee WaveSecure mobile site will automatically detect your device model. If it is the correct device model, just click on the download button to get McAfee WaveSecure.

If you are using an Android device, you will be directed to Android Market instead. Alternatively, your can use this QR code to get McAfee WaveSecure.

Manual choosing of phone model

Step4: If it is not displaying the correct model, click on "Not your device" to get a list of device manufacturers.

Choose the manufacturer and your device model manually to download McAfee WaveSecure.