We at tenCube promise you one thing we are sure you absolutely crave for in the present times – peace of mind.

A bunch of enthusiastic geeks, we understand how increasingly mobile people are becoming today. All we do is add the security that empowers your mobility. And with security comes peace of mind.

Today a mobile phone is more than just another gadget. It is, in all probability, already an extension of your life. And to have it cut off is more painful than ever before. Having experienced this agony ourselves, we decided to ease your trouble. WaveSecure is your elixir. A comprehensive mobile security suite, WaveSecure gives you the power to be in control of your phone irrespective of whether it is in your hand.

No more worries about losing a wealth of contacts, emails or messages. No more helplessnesswhen a passer-by throws away your SIM from your lost phone.

Savour your mobility. Let us worry about security.


tenCube was started in 2005 with the sole intention of finding a creative and complete solution to the problem of lost phones. Two things are occurring in tandem these days – rise in mobile phone penetration rates and increase in the amount of critical information people store on their phones. This trend substantially increases the risk and rate of mobile phone theft.

We at tenCube learnt of this threat first hand when one of our founders lost his expensive phone with a lot of contacts and emails in it. With no backup and no way to track his phone, he felt helpless. But this incident sparked the idea of tenCube and of providing millions of other helpless souls with the sort of mobile security that empowers them to embrace mobility without qualms.